In deluxe we provide you with our years of experience

Special Designs

Through our engineering department we can make all kinds of special products responding to the needs of our clients:

· Corporate images
· Handmade designs
· Special measures
· Different finishings
· Adaptation to other systems:
(Air Conditioning - Paging - Home automation - Etc)

Lighting Projects

Through our project department we provide prescribers (studying architecture, engineering, interior designers, decorators, etc ...) a department where they can get a complete study to illuminate the space that request. Our professionals are responsible for performing all the calculations necessary for compliance with the regulations, optimizing lighting and energy saving.

This establishes a personalized service to each of our clients and for each of its spaces, treating the project individually. We even make an economic study amortization installation.

Lighting Studies

In Deluxe we are particularly conscious about the importance of good advice to our clients for efficient utilization of light energy in different types of luminaires and most appropriate in each case lamps.

Dialux is a program for the development of lighting design that includes the necessary functions for the most complete lighting calculation:

· Design of Local Area
· Management of 2D + 3D DXF files (auxiliary software for communication with Autocad)
· Management fixtures, equipment and structures
· Rendering by radiosity method
· Search parametric product at various levels (luminaires and lamps)
· Creating data sheets with various customizable models
· Spatial location of equipment (furniture)
· Presentation of results on different interfaces: values, Isolux, spot, three-dimensional rendering 3D installation